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About us

Flawless Detailing Solutions is your reliable partner for everything concerning your vehicles appearance. We have a huge passion for what we do and we'll always be guided by your wishes and requirements.


We're happy to offer advice on all issues and to make time for you. We use the latest developments in technology so that we can offer you exceptional service while still remaining within budget.


Our many years' experience and specialist staff provide proof that quality and cooperation go hand in hand!

The #Flawless Detailing Solutions #work van
Our Team
Me with my 'apprentise' Caelan (my son) in Christchurch
Ash Newport

I started valeting back in 2001 at a car dealership, then after 4 years moved on to a bodyshop where I learned a lot about the paint process, but more importantly how to renovate original paintwork without the need for respraying, keeping the all important originality. This included many processes from wet sanding to remove scratches, paint runs and other defects, to the correct use of rotary polishers to remove oxidised paint, light scratches and swirl marks. After 5 years, I decided it was time to set out on my own so set up 'Flawless Detailing Solutions' in 2010 to provide a high quality detailing service across Dorset. I have a huge passion and satisfaction in turning a 'well used' car in to something that can really turn heads. What sets us apart from our competition is the preparation that goes into each vehicle we detail, and that prep work is what guarantees the perfect surface before any last stage protection is applied to your vehicle. A £40 wax or sealant on a well prepared car will out last and out shine a £4000 wax on a car having had no surface preparation. I'm also aware that as a detailer, the job you don't put 100% in to will be remembered for much longer than the job you put every last breath into, this is why we never cut corners and will never leave a job until everyone involved is completely satisfied.

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