Exterior Valeting

Here at Flawless Detailing Solutions we take on all aspects of visual car care, from basic maintenance cleans to fully bespoke restoration details.

Our vehicles are generally our second biggest investment so it makes good sense to look after them so that when it comes to resell we can get the best possible price. Apart from this, am I the only one that thinks a clean car drives much nicer!?

We have had the pleasure of working on some lovely cars and love a good challenge, so for all your car care needs including regular washing, decontamination, engine bay cleaning, machine polishing, scratch removal, gloss enhancing, graphic removal, ceramic coating and full show preparation, give Dorset's number 1 car appearance specialist a call on 07867 123 245

Exterior Valeting Services
Exterior valeting
Bronze Valet From £50
Silver Valet From £60
Gold Valet From £80
Full Flawless Valet From £110.
Vehicle condition and customer requirements differ greatly so best to give us a call to discuss the best option for you.
Paint correction
A "Paint correction" detail generally involves extensive polishing to remove defects such as oxidation, swirl marks and scratches. There are several levels available, from a minor enhancement to improve gloss to full wet sanding to remove scratches or orange peel.
Priced upon visual quotation.
Protection packages (from £40)
After an initial valet this is an addiontal service which will add a layer of protection to the vehicles paint protecting it from traffic film, carbon deposits, and UV rays etc
Ceramic coating
Ceramic coating offers the very best in paint protection. We offer various different packages ranging from 2 year protection with 8.5h hardness to 5 year protection with 9h hardness.
Due to the required process vehicles are priced on inspection.
Wheel coating (from £40)
Treat your wheels to a ceramic coating developed specifically to help protect them from the harsh elements they face.
Temperature resistant, high gloss and very hard wearing....with the added bonus of making future cleaning much easier.
Decontamination POA
Most vehicles will suffer with this......Have you ever run your hand across a clean panel and noticed it feels rough?? This can be caused by a number of contaminants from tree sap, paint overspray and industrial fallout to name a few.
This process usually requires clay barring, where a mild abrasive (clay) is used with a lubricant to remove the bonded particles from the paints surface. Polishing is highly recommended afterwards as clay barring generally leaves behind very light marring.
Regular cleaning (from £30)
We offer regular maintenance valets to help keep your car in the optimum condition.
These are tailored to suit and generally carried out monthly, 6 weekly or bi-monthly.
Motorcycle valeting (from £50)
We offer several packages for motorcycles, from steam cleaning to full protection details.
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